Art valuation

We provide informative valuations and formal valuations in colaboration with official external partners.

Restoration and cleaning artworks

Cleaning, protecting or extensive restoration can give new life to your Art. Every process requires an individual review, providing the basis for recommendation of the appropriate treatment. We can also restore old picture frames for your artworks, mirrors or other needs.

For restoration we cooperate with multiple external experts for individual areas, depending on the nature of artistic work and its issues.

Hanging artwork

Our experts will advice you with solutions and picture hanging systems. Are you in a dilemma how to hang your object fixed and safe, you have the desire or the need to frequently change images, you want to install the image on your yacht, at a slanted ceiling or simply trust the picture hanging to an experienced team to ensure that the work is done professionally and efficiently. Call us!

Delivering artwork

If the size, quantity or other nature of work makes it uneasy for you to transfer your artworks we can assist you with basic transport of art. If it is necessary to deliver the artwork to the gallery, to your custom picture framer or simply to another required location, we can assist you. For international or demanding special services we can link you to extra local providers.

We provide quick and convenient packing of smaller artworks for the purpose of plane or other transfers.

Artwork rental

Renting Artworks enables a quality, flexible and affordable equipment of your bussines premises!

With an experienced team, we support you through the entire process, from advice with the right selection of artworks to delivery and hanging pictures at your location. Find your favorite artwork!

Art rental

  • contributes to representative bussines premises
  • improves the quality of life for both internal and external public
  • simple replacement of artworks supports a dynamic enviroment

Art at work

  • positively impacts the creativity of employees
  • encourages communication
  • reduce stress at workplace

Rent Art equipment

We can support your events or short-term exhibitions with the rent of picture easels, showcases, displays and other related equipment. This will enable an simple, efficient and aestethic set up of your temporary exhibitions.

Our own extensive experience in organizing exhibitions gives us a broader view so we can provide valuable counseling. We are also available to provide assistance with hanging works and other set-up at the location.


We advise on equipment to your premises with works of art, or to schedule equipment and existing collections, purchase or rental of paintings and other individual needs.

The advice we can give you comprehensive assistance in the selection of the solution hanging pictures and the same physical layout of the room.

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