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We kindly invite you to the opening of the art exhibition

Hans van den Berkmortel, Roel van Daal, Roel Hanssen, Tinus Derks

on Friday 22nd April 2016 at 19.00hrs at Gallery 14, Prešernova c. 14 in Bled.

The exhibition is open untill 22nd May. Admission free!

Preview: National Gallery Ljubljana, King’s Day Reception of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Netherlands is a country with an extremely rich history and one that respect its traditions, culture and its natural beauty. The Dutch have permeated yet anothe rremarkable value: creativity … and of equal importance embracing it. Creativity infiltrates the consciousness of society and it successfully forms new, value-added situations, either in everydays quality of life as in the broader economic context.

Netherlands is undoubtedly a role model for other countries. It is also an inspiration for many artists and to a big numbers of tourist visitors, from a multiplicity of aspects, but especially on how creativity and uniqueness is boldly incorporated into the development on a personal and broader social level.
Spatialy the Netherlands can be experienced as a place where you want to dream. In the vast plains of erased landscapes it looks like all complications get lost. There is a number of solutions for every situation … This openness at the same time creates the need to stay ”down to Earth” , if you do not work, make, build the wind will carry you away, you get lost in the vastness …
Walking along the trails of colored houses and its reflections of with huge windows, reminiscent of the aesthetics of galleries and neat shop windows. Their shelves full of selected objects, wall paintings, decorative objects … Every foreigner may feel to enter due to these inviting and open views. Still therefore one does not have to step over the house threshold, it is enough to raise your eyes and look through.
Today we have this opened this window in Slovenia, with a group exhibition of four Dutch authors. With a combination of four diverse artistic companions, each adding their own unique artistic language have joined in one common, united and moved to a new, higher level.

Hans van den Berkmortel
To travel and to ask questions, to be a stranger everywhere but always feel at home within yourself.
Roel van Daal
To observe reflections of reflections and have the power to tranform the usuall into unusuall.
Roel Hanssen
Life is All about Arts and passion to Create.
Tinus Derks
In the complexity of this Wolrd, Communication is of utmost importance.

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